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Metal Roofs

Remove existing roofing material down to the wood decking

Replace damaged roof decking, fascia and other lumber where needed

Renail roof decking to secure your roof to your house

Install self adhering underlayment directly to your roof deck (this is the first layer of water intrusion protection)

Install new, High quality coated steel or painted aluminum metal from very established manufacturers and local fabricators. You can pick the gauge of thickness and the color.

Clean up, haul away and then clean up again. Its really messy. We understand its important to clean up well the first time but the thousands of pieces may require us to come back. Freedom Roofers are your neighbors. When you call us, we respond.

WARRANTY Your metal will have 20-30 year warranties from big companies who stand behind their products. But you also have a local contact, Freedom Roofers who will provide you with addition protection with our NO CHARGE warranty repairs. If your roof leaks after we have installed it, you call us directly.

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